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Public Notice

NEPA Document Review

Rochester International Airport

Rochester, Minnesota


On behalf of the Rochester International Airport, McGhie & Betts Transportation Services has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate the environmental impacts of certain planned airport improvements.  The contents of the EA meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 and other applicable laws and regulations, including those of the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB).  Airport improvement projects which are considered to be Federal actions or which receive Federal funding require environmental processing to comply with NEPA, the Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982 and other pertinent laws.  Environmental processing guidance in the consideration of environmental impacts is provided in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 1050.1E, Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures and FAA Order 5050.4B, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Implementing Instructions for Airport Actions.


Additionally, the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) coordinates the State of Minnesota environmental review process.  The proposed airport improvements are not exempt from review under the state program.  Current EQB rules allow this Federal-level EA document to be substituted for the required State of Minnesota Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) form. 


The EA is published for a mandatory 30 day public comment period.  Any documented correspondence from either public agencies or the general public will be documented and addressed in Section 4 and Appendix G of this EA.  Once the public comment period is complete and Section 4 and Appendix G updated, a final version of this EA will be submitted to the FAA for their final determination.  The EA document is available for public viewing at the following locations.


Rochester International Airport

7600 Helgerson Drive SW

Rochester, MN 55902


City Clerk’s Office

City of Rochester

201 4th St SE

Rochester, MN 55904


Rochester Public Library, Reference Department

101 2nd St SE

Rochester, MN 55904



McGhie & Betts Transportation Services, Inc. will be the coordinating consultant for this project. Project Manager contact information is:


Les Conway, PE

McGhie & Betts Transportation Services

7600 Helgerson Dr SW

Rochester, MN 55902




Any comments, questions, suggestions, or inquiries should be submitted to the Rochester International Airport. Submissions can be hardcopies to the airport’s administration office or electronically via email to LConwayATmcghiebetts.com.






Please note that these documents require the free Adobe Reader software for viewing. You can download the reader here.




RST.EA.2013.PGS 1-23

RST.EA.2013.PGS 24-29

RST.EA.2013.PGS 30-39

RST.EA.2013.PGS 40-49

RST.EA.2013.PGS 50-59

RST.EA.2013.PGS 60-69

RST.EA.2013.PGS 70-78

RST.EA.2013.PGS 79-127

RST.EA.2013.PGS 128-129

RST.EA.2013.PGS 130-131

RST.EA.2013.PGS 132-137

RST.EA.2013.PGS 138-142

RST.EA.2013.PGS 143-144