RST Passenger Satisfaction Survey

The Rochester International Airport would like to ask that you take 5 minutes to complete the following survey. The results of this survey will be used to evaluate current services and facilities, and allow airport management to plan for future development to enhance the traveler experience through Rochester International Airport.

* All information that you provide shall be for internal airport use only. At no time will Rochester International Airport sell or distribute your personal information.

Thank you for your time in helping us better serve you.

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1. How many times have you used Rochester International Airport in the last 12 months?

1 - 6 Times

7 -12 Times

13+ Times

2. What has been your "typical" usage of Rochester International Airport?

If arriving, where were you arriving from today? (Origin):

if departing, where was your final destinaiton today?:

3. If you were departing what made you choose Rochester International Airport?

4. How did you hear about Rochester International Airport (if you didn't already know about us)?

If you selected Radio Ad, Local Print Ad or Other, please list Radio Station, Print ad name or other:

5. Were the facilities and services provided by Rochester International to your expectations?

If no, please explain:

6. Based on your experiences at Rochester International Airport, we would ask you to provide your Satisfaction rating for the difference services listed below:






Very Poor

Not Used

Cleanliness of Public Areas

Internet and Wifi Services

Security - Wait Times

Security - Staff Attitude and Courtesy

Restaurant and Gift Shop Prices

Restaurant and Gift Shop Staff Courtesy

Food and Beverage Choices

Terminal Signs (Were locations easy to find?)

Ground Transportation Options

Speed of Baggage Delivery

Airport Website (Information Provided)

7. What could Rochester International Airport do to improve the traveler experience at Rochester International Airport?

8. What can Rochester International Airport provide for its customers that it does not already provide?

9. How would you rate you overall travel experience through Rochester International Airport?

1 being Poor, 5 being Excellent

10. Will you use Rochester International Airport for your future travel needs?

If "No", please let us know why so that we can improve these areas.

11. Additional Comments

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